We have the best Plantation Shutters and Custom Built in Closets, Entertainment Centers, & Home Offices in San Francisco. Everything is 20-30% off Retail Prices.

Bay Home and Window - Leading Supplier of Plantation Shutters

Save 20-30% Off Retail Prices

Bay Home and Window offers the widest choice of materials, construction, and price points in the industry, featuring:

  • The largest selection of materials available in Natural Woods and Synthetics
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Free Expert Installation
  • Any Shape Window
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Custom Shutters

Declutter Your Home with Bay Home and Window

Most people have some sort of clutter in their homes, but some clutter far exceeds others. Getting rid of some of these things can really free up your life. You may find items that you routinely buy at the store—meaning you will save money. You will also save time if you do not have to constantly search through the clutter to find what you’re looking for.

Decluttering your home gives you control over your space. It’s important to set small goals when you first begin to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Try using the “scan, sort, turf” method, and ask yourself if you love and use the items you come across. You can sort items into things to be donated, things to be sold, and things to keep. Donating items you no longer use helps others, while selling other items you no longer use will bring in some extra money.

Give us a call (925) 846-3400 or visit our website. You can view photos of our closet organizers or even chat with a live associate.  Bay Home and Window has the expert professionals and excellent organizational products that will make your life neater and less stressful.

Bay Home and Window - Bay Area Film Critic Jan Wahl

Film Critic Jan Wahl talks with Jeff Falcon, President of Bay Home & Window about how built in custom closets, entertainment centers, home offices and plantation shutters can really make a difference in the way people live in thier homes. Originally aired on San Francisco's KPIX.

Bay Home & Window is factory direct and open to the public. We carry an A+ rating with the BBB and have made the BBB's Honor Roll for 11 consecutive years. Bay Home & Window service the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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Bay Home and Window - Reasons to De-Clutter Your Home

Most people have a space in their home that is meant to store all the things that don’t seem to have a space of their own. Sometimes, though, we let the clutter get out of control. This can cause a lot of problems for us—we waste time searching through the clutter, we buy things we don’t need, and most importantly, we get stressed out by all the extra stuff that fills our homes. There are a number of reasons why it is important to take the time and make your home as clutter-free as possible.

You can waste a lot of time looking through the piles of stuff you have trying to find the one thing you need. By de-cluttering, you’re ensuring that everything has a place and you will be able to find things quickly and easily. When there is a lot of clutter, it can be hard to tell what you have and where you have it. You may end up buying things you think you need, but already have hidden somewhere in the mess. You can save money by de-cluttering your home because you’ll be able to see what you already have and what you need. You can try utilizing the help of a closet organization system, made by our friendly staff here at Bay Home & Window. Our custom closet design in San Francisco helps thousands of people keep their homes clutter-free. Keeping things organized is a great way to keep your environment as upbeat as possible.

Clutter only creates more stress for you. Organizing the things you own will help create a cleaner, more positive space in your home. At Bay Home & Window we want to help you with our custom closet systems in San Francisco. Our organization systems can help you keep your house clutter-free. We also specialize in plantation shutters and interior shutters, to let the sun shine in on your clutter-free home!

Bay Home and Window is your Factory-Direct Source for Plantation Shutters and Home Organization Systems. Call today for your FREE in-home consultation and estimate - (925) 846-3400.

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Bay Home and Window's - Plantation Shutters

Bay Home & Window sells plantations shutters, built in closets, entertainment centers, home offices and much more. We are located in Pleasanton California and service the entire Bay Area.

Call today for your free in-home consultation and estimate- (925) 846-3400.

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