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Get Your Garage Under Control with Built-In Storage Solutions

If the clutter in your garage fills you with feelings of dread, it might be time to tackle your unwanted mess with built in furniture. A company that offers home organization systems can create built-in storage solutions that will help you clean, declutter, and organize every area in your garage. Once you have constructed and organized your new storage areas, you will find that your garage becomes one of the most useful spaces on your property. Here is a look at some built-in storage solutions for your garage.

Storage Racks for Equipment and Gear

Whether you and your loved ones love to spend time outdoors over the weekend, or you are an avid sports enthusiast, it is important to keep your recreational equipment and gear properly organized. Your closet designers can help you create custom racks, shelves, and hooks that will allow you to keep all of your toys properly organized.

Shelves and Drawers for Tools

Your garage is a natural storage space for tools, hardware, and other equipment that you use to make general repairs around the house. With a custom storage solution for your tools and equipment, you will find that is much easier to locate your tools when you need them.

Pantries and Storage Spaces for Extra Food

If you prefer to purchase certain food items in bulk, you might want to consider a built-in pantry in your garage. A team of storage design professionals can help you create a custom pantry that is specifically designed to store all of your favorite bulk food items that you get from the store.

For additional information about home organization systems in the Bay Area, contact Bay Home and Window. Our company specializes in garage solutions, and we can help you create new organization spaces that are specifically tailored to your lifestyle and storage needs. To receive additional information about how we can help you clean up your garage, give us a call at (800) 701-4555.

Creating the Ultimate Home Entertainment System

Your home’s entertainment center is the focal point of your entire living space. It’s where you relax after work, have your movie nights, keep up with the news, and enjoy your weekly shows. It only makes sense to make sure that the focus of your living room is an attractive and appealing piece of furniture. So, making sure that you’re properly prepared to craft the ultimate in home entertainment centers for your living room, family room, or den, is the best idea you could have.

First, it is important to understand the differences in types of entertainment centers and TV stands. Depending on the size of your television, the size of your room, and your storage and design needs, one may be a better option than the other. While they all will perform the functional task of holding up your television and storing your media devices, DVDs, CDs, and games, each different style has unique features and design elements that make them unique.

Ultimate Home Entertainment System

Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers are usually the largest pieces of furniture available for a home entertainment system. Often called wall units, they can be as tall as 72 inches and even wider. Available in a variety of styles and assembled from a wide range of materials, these are excellent pieces for those with large rooms and large televisions.

While the center might feel cramped in a small room, and a small television might be drowned out in the size of the furniture within which it’s installed, the size of the entertainment center means that you will want for nothing when it comes to storing DVD players, CD players, game consoles, and their accompanying media.

TV Stands

A TV stand is probably the simplest piece of furniture designed to hold your television. Generally, these are long cabinets, upon which your television rests, with drawers and doors meant to hold all of your devices and media.

These have the advantage of looking the most like a normal piece of furniture, with most models being able to pull double duty as a credenza should you take the TV off. These are ideal for smaller rooms or more classic decor when you have a more modestly sized television and fewer devices hooked up to it.

TV Armoires

TV armoires are something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve stayed in a hotel room, as most are outfitted with one. A tall chest with doors to hide away the television when not in use, this is an excellent choice for when you want to remove the attention to the television, from time to time, or you want to have a timeless look to your decor.

Making Your Choice

Choosing the furniture that’s right for you is an essential part of making your home entertainment center the grand and impressive focal point of your house that it deserves. Consider your storage needs and the size of your space and television, and the choice should become clear to you.

Interior design

Let Bay Home & Window’s award-winning design team help you with a unique system that takes into account your needs and meets all of them. We’ve been serving the Bay Area since 1994, and we are one of the country’s leading suppliers of custom built-in organization systems.

Our quality, experience, and affordable pricing will change the way you live in your home. We offer a free in-home design consultation, free installation, and 20-30% off retail prices for in-home organization systems. Call today at 888-766-5919 or request an appointment online.

Improve the Look and Function of Your Living Room with a Built-In Entertainment Center

A custom home entertainment center is sure to serve as a central gathering place for your home. Whether you and your family members love to watch the latest blockbuster hits, or you are serious sports fans, you are sure to love the superior viewing experience that a built-in entertainment center has to offer your household. A company that builds custom home organization systems will be able to integrate your television, audio equipment, and preferred lighting into a gorgeous built-in solution that is framed with elegant cabinetry. After your built-in entertainment center has been installed, you can pair it with comfortable and practical couches, lounges, and other furnishings.

For answers to your questions about entertainment centers, contact Bay Home and Window. We specialize in locally built in furniture, and our organization furniture will be customized to match with the overall look and feel of your interior design scheme. Give us a call at (800) 701-4555 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced furniture design professionals.

Space Saving Tips to Get More Function Out of Your Home

For many homeowners and apartment dwellers in the Bay Area, saving space in tight quarters is a top concern. If you are seeking smart ways to maximize the usefulness of your interior spaces, you may want to consult with a company that builds custom home organization systems. From wall beds to custom closets, there are many solutions that can be used to help you achieve the best efficiency from every room in your house. Let’s review some space saving tips that will improve the function of your home.

Consider Using Wall Beds in Guest Rooms

A guest room may serve multiple functions, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. Rather than allowing a guest bed to take up space when there is no one staying in your room, you may consider installing a wall bed. When you are not hosting guests, the wall bed can be neatly folded up against the wall.

Install Custom Closets and Storage Solutions

If you are not able to maximize the storage space in your home, your clothing, books, and other household items may take up valuable space in your rooms. By creating a custom closet design for each room in your home, you can improve the efficiency of your indoor storage.

Ensure that Furniture Is Properly Arranged

Furniture arrangement is a key factor for making sure that you are saving space and increasing the function of each of your rooms. For example, you can consider placing a fold out desk in your office so that your work space can be tucked away when it is not being used.

For answers to your questions about Bay Area home organization systems, get in touch with Bay Home and Window by calling (800) 701-4555. For more than a decade, we have provided homeowners throughout the Bay Area with custom closet systems, organization furniture, and other smart solutions. Our team will help you create a storage system that allows you to maximize your interior space.

Reasons to Choose ShutterSMART

When you are seeking durable and beautiful shutters for your home, you may want to consider purchasing products from ShutterSMART. In this video, you will take a look at some terrific reasons to choose ShutterSMART for the windows in your home. The team at ShutterSMART is committed to building hand-crafted shutters that are as attractive as they are functional.

For additional information about purchasing ShutterSMART shutters in the Bay Area, do not hesitate to call Bay Home and Window. From interior shutters to custom closets and more, we offer the products that you need to build a smart and useful home. Give us a call at (800) 701-4555 to learn about the different shutters and storage solutions that we have to offer.

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