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Designing with Shutter Style

In addition to being a functional covering to add privacy or protect your furnishings from the sun, shutters are a flexible and fabulous home décor item. When decorating with shutters, though, you should know what kind of style you have in mind for your overall look within the room, and what role the shutters should play in that design scheme.

Shutters as a centerpiece: A bold shutter can make an intriguing and beautiful focal point for a room, especially in bold, vibrant color. However, if the room already features other elements or furnishings that are equally strong, the shutters can compete with the rest of the room’s features. Consider a more muted or neutral palette with colored accents in the room décor, and let the bright shutters truly become the centerpiece.

Shutters as a complement: White, off-white and neutral shutters are very popular, and can easily complement almost any room décor style or color scheme. A neutral or white shutter might be easier to blend with your existing furnishings or interior design, even if you decide to change the way your room looks in the future. No matter what your personal design style, Bay Home and Window has shutters that will add interest and beauty to your home. Visit us to view our selection.