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Do it Yourself Closet Cleaning Tips

How many of you walk into your closet to get something and can’t find it?  It’s stressful.  It may be time to organize and consolidate your closet.

The first task to organizing is to consolidate.  Search through your clothes and get rid of all the items you haven’t worn in over two years.  Have a give away pile, and a keep pile.  Don’t have a maybe pile, as it will most likely end up surrendering to sentiment, and end up back in the closet.  Try to do this with other items that are in your closet as well.  The less stuff you have, the less of a mess you can create.

If you simply need shelves and elegantly designed shelving and drawers in your closet, then we can help.  Call us!  If not, use these tips to reduce your mess and your stress!

Less Mess = Less Stress

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