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The Benefits of Plantation Shutters over Standard Blinds

The process of choosing the right window coverings for your home will involve the consideration of different styles. Two of the most popular styles of window treatments are plantation shutters and standard blinds.

What Are the Differences Between Shutters and Standard Blinds?

Plantation shutters and blinds have many important differences that should be considered.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are available in several sizes and shapes. They can also be customized for any size window. Shutters are installed inside the window frame at either side and not at the top of a window like many other types of coverings. This is what gives plantation shutters insulating properties, preventing cool and warm air loss by eliminating gaps.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Shutters are far more durable than their standard blinds counterparts, and, because they are constructed of wood or other durable synthetic materials, they are considered to be the longest-lasting product available.

Another fact about plantation shutters is that there are no cords or chains to deal with. Instead, shutters have a tilt rod, which only needs to be pushed up or pulled down to give you full light control. The absence of a cord also makes plantation shutters a safe choice for households with children and pets.

Standard Blinds

Standard blinds are also available in a range of sizes but must be affixed to the top of a window. Because they hang from the top, standard blinds will leave gaps between the window and the inside of a home, giving them much lower insulating properties.

Standard blinds are also far more prone to breakage than plantation shutters because of the material used to make them. Therefore, they are only ideal for certain rooms.

This type of blind must be lifted with a chain or cord, making it a less desirable choice for households with pets or children. However, some brands of Standard blinds may come with a breakaway cord.

Because of the material from which they are made and their multi-slat construction, standard blinds can prove difficult to clean thoroughly unless some components are removed.

What Plantation Shutters Can Do for Your Home

If you’re looking to add resale value to your home, plantation shutters are the only type of window treatment that offers this benefit. Regardless of what you pay for your shutters, you can reclaim that cost through your home’s sale price—something that’s not possible with other options.

Plantation shutters

Unlike other window coverings that have a short life, plantation shutters are meant to last for years, making them a more serious investment in the quality of the décor of your home.

Whether made of vinyl, wood, or a combination of materials, these window treatments are durable, but they also have sound-absorbing properties. They can also be designed with a custom finish. Indeed, plantation shutters could be premium furnishings for your windows.

The experts at Bay Home & Window can help you choose the perfect plantation shutters for your home. We offer free in-home consultation, as well as wholesale prices. Call 1-800-701-4555 for more information.

How to Select Plantation Shutters

If you’re a homeowner, then odds are pretty good that you’ve thought about the status of your house’s interior decoration at least once or twice. There’s one aspect of your house’s interior, however, that you may have overlooked. One that, despite not being obvious, makes a big difference both in the way your home looks, and can even affect your energy bills.

We’re talking, of course, about your window shutters. While you may overlook them in favor of wall colors, artwork and wall hangings, furniture, and other more obvious features, your window treatments are an important part of your decor.

Why Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for your home window treatments. They’re much sturdier than venetian blinds while retaining the ability to change the amount of light filtering through by adjusting the louvers. Because they completely cover your windows, they offer excellent energy efficiency and prevention of higher temperatures from solar gain.

Unlike drapes or multicellular fabric blinds, you can control the amount of light that comes through more easily and more efficiently than having to raise and lower the window shades throughout the day. For these reasons, plantation shutters are excellent home window shutters.

How to Choose

Choosing the right plantation shutters for your home can seem daunting. They come in a range of materials and styles, each with their own unique benefits. The first step is to consider what you need and what fits in with your budget, and then go from there.

Plantation shutters are available in either wood construction or synthetic materials. Wood is generally more attractive than synthetic, although modern synthetics do a great job of replicating the real thing. Synthetics are usually cheaper, so, if you’re on a budget, that could be the way to go.

The next thing to consider is how you want them mounted on your windows. Plantation shutters can be mounted inside or outside the window molding and can either open out or remain in place. For tall windows, there’s also the option of either having plantation shutters on the bottom half or top half of the window, only, or installing them in such a way that the top and bottom louvers can be opened independently of each other, allowing you to open the top and let light in while keeping the bottom closed to preserve your privacy.

How to Mount?

The next thing is whether you want them mounted on the inside or outside. If you have a decorative window trim, an inside mount will give you flush fitting shutters and preserve the look of your trim. If not, outside mounted plantation shutters can bring their own decoration with them, giving your windows a finished look.

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Custom Closets Transform Chaos into Calm

Founded in 1994, Bay Home & Window has been in service to California and the rest of the country as a leader in supplying custom window products and custom built-in storage solutions. We’re family owned, and one of the largest and most awarded companies in the industry. Our number-one commitment is providing excellent customer service, as well as quality products, all at direct wholesale prices. Let us change the way you live.

Transforming your closet from simply a room where you store your clothes, into a thoughtfully organized and beautifully laid-out sanctuary is one of the most popular home additions today. First popularized by closets owned by the characters of the hit TV show Sex and the City, homeowners interested in their many benefits helped bring them more and more into reality.

Home closet storage systems run the gamut from simple double hanging racks to a sophisticated and extensive system utilizing drawers, rows of baskets, and integrated shoe racks and shoe trees.

Custom built walk-in closets are a great way to turn your existing closet space into an attractive sanctuary with many times the storage they previously held, and, because they’re custom made for you and your needs, you get everything you need just the way you need it, as opposed to having to try to adapt and fit your life around some sort of one-size-fits-all closet organization system.


Beautiful walk-in closet designs are more than just converting your existing closet space into a place that just holds your clothes and various essentials better than your current closet does. Imagine rows of neat cabinets, one for your winter coats, one for your dresses, and one for your professional clothes, all arranged over racks and bins that neatly hold your shoes and drawers for your carefully folded jeans and sweaters.

If space allows, imagine having a central bench to sit down on when trying on your shoes and other clothes, with full-length mirrors and illumination making it easy to see everything that’s going on.

It’s like having your own private dressing room—one with the space and freedom to try on any number of outfits and combinations, all in the comfort and relaxation of your own home. It keeps all the clutter out of your room and existing closet because everything has a place and there’s a place for everything and more. Designs range from simple double hanging space to more sophisticated integrations using:

  • Hanging solutions
  • Cabinet space
  • Shelving areas
  • Drawer systems
  • Shoe storage
  • Tilt-out baskets
  • Hidden, keep-safe storage
  • Jewelry and accessory organization
  • Workout & sports accessories

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and converting your existing closet space into a place where all of your storage needs are not only met but taken care of to such a degree that you never have to worry about whether you have a place for all your clothes and accessories again, then give Bay Home & Window a call now.

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More Than a "Man Cave" - The Ultimate At-Home Décor for Guys

Having a “man cave”—a space within your home that you can call your own and in which you are free to decorate, design, and decide what décor you want to use, without feminine influence—is an essential part of keeping your uniqueness and having a place where you can escape and get away.

While your loved one might like to take a hot bath in a big garden tub with scented candles burning in the background after a long day at work, for most guys, the idea of a fun time is retreating to their own special area. In this “man cave,” he can sit back, relax, and unwind watching sports, playing video games, or just hanging out with a few of their closest friends and having a drink.

No matter what area of the home you pick to design a room for a man cave, whether it is the basement, attic, or part of the garage, one of the most important aspects of its design will be the entertainment center. Think of that perfect, huge flat panel TV, a theater-quality surround sound system, and sufficient space for their gaming systems, game controllers, and Blu-ray collections.

When choosing an entertainment center, make sure to pick a design that best suits your specific requirements. Some guys like having extra shelving space for sports trophies and memorabilia or other such items. If you limited space, a great design idea is to have the entertainment center built into a wall, as it helps free up space in the room.

Other essential components you will want to consider including are a large, comfy couch, an oversized recliner, and a beverage and snack refrigerator. If you have plenty of space, you may also want a pool table or card game table—or even your very own indoor hot tub! There is no right or wrong way to design and create a man cave.

Some guys ditch the couch and, instead, opt for oversized bean bag chairs with plenty of pillows or hammocks. Other guys like converting a refrigerator into a “kegerator,” where they hook a keg of beer up inside and the tap is on the outside of the door. The key thing is the room should reflect items that help you unwind, relax, and have fun.

When it comes to choosing colors for your man cave, rustic, industrial, and dark colors best reflect masculinity. However, the use of lighter colors as accents can help expand the bold statement you want to make when used correctly. Color schemes are equally as subjective as the design of the room, so it is really up to you to choose which colors you prefer.

For assistance with designing your man cave’s built-in entertainment center and other design elements, please contact Bay Home & Window at 888-766-5919 to request a free in-home design consultation today!

Are Plantation Shutters the Right Choice for Your Home?

Plantation shutters are not only attractive; they are versatile additions which can increase the value of your home, and for less than the cost to purchase and install custom window coverings.

With so many options for type, color, and style, plantation shutters are certainly a popular choice for many homeowners. Deciding whether they’re right for your home will require a few considerations.

What Value Do Plantation Shutters Add to a Home?

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, plantation shutters can be a good choice. They not only give your home a classic look and feel, but their clean lines provide uniformity and plenty of curb appeal.

Energy Savings

Plantation shutters have another value-adding feature: energy efficiency. Because they are built to fit the unique measurements of a window, these shutters prevent drafts from entering your home in winter and keep cool air from escaping in summer. This reduces energy bills, lowering the overall cost to own your home.

Low Maintenance

Shutters also add value to your home because of their low maintenance requirements. The fact that they are easy to keep clean and will maintain their look for several years means that a homeowner can spend more of their time enjoying their home.

Increased Privacy

You want light as well as privacy. Plantation shutters allow you to have the best of both worlds because they can be adjusted to allow light in without sacrificing privacy. Plantation shutters for windows can be angled in such a way that allows you to see out but which doesn’t allow others to see in.

Long Lasting

Durability is yet another way that plantation shutters add value to your home. Built to last, most products will include a warranty. Also, they likely won’t need to be replaced for decades, allowing you to see a return on your investment. When selling your home, plantation shutters will mean the new owners don’t have to purchase expensive drapery or frequently replace blinds.

A Safe Option for Children

Because they don’t require strings or cords to work, plantation shutters can be a very attractive option for new or soon-to-be parents who are looking for a home. Although they can be opened and closed easily by children, there is no danger that they will become tangled in any cords and sustain an injury.

Longer Life for Furniture

The ability to control the amount of light which enters a room can certainly mean a more comfortable home. However, this feature also makes plantation shutters a furniture and carpet saver. The less UV light that enters a room, the slower that furniture and carpet colors will fade.

Plantation Shutters in Every Room

Plantation shutters can work well in many rooms of your home.


If it has been many years since you changed your kitchen window treatments or you simply want a new look, plantation shutters can work very well in your kitchen. Not only can you purchase indoor shutters to match your kitchen cabinets, but installing them will add an instant update without expensive renovations.


The light-limiting feature of plantation shutters makes them ideal for the bedroom. They substantially reduce the amount of light which comes into the room.


Plantation shutters make it easy to maintain privacy in the bathroom. Thanks to the many waterproof varieties on the market today, these shutters can put up with the high levels of humidity that bathrooms create.

Front Door

If your front door has small windows at one or both sides, called sidelights, then plantation shutters can be the ideal window covering.

Planation shutters allow for maximum light penetration as well as the most optimal view while still delivering privacy.

Available Options

Because window plantation shutters are available with a wide variety of options, it is advisable to understand all the options prior to making a purchase.


There are many options for shutter design. For example, a two-panel shutter can be hinged together and moved away from a window to set flat against the wall. Or, you could have a single panel which can be moved to one side. This can be a good option where a permanent wall fixture would not allow you to swing both panels aside.

It’s important to note here that if you are considering plantation shutters for your home, your windows don’t necessarily have to be square. Plantation shutters can be custom-built to fit any shape and even very small windows.


Plantation shutters are available in several framing styles. You can choose shutters which open as a single panel over each window, or cafe shutters which only reach up the window halfway. If you have a large set of windows, there are options that will allow you to open the top and bottom louvers independently.

Louver Size

The typical range of louver sizes is between 2½ and inches for plantation shutters. The smaller sizes can be used to provide smaller rooms with more proportion while the larger louver size will provide a more unobstructed view and more light when opened.

Tilt Style

Another option for plantation shutters is their tilt style. A traditional tilt bar will appear in the middle of the shutter, requiring only a push up or down to open and close the shutter. A rear or hidden tilt will be barely visible, or not visible at all, and allow for a clearer view when shutters are opened and are a great option for very small windows.

Ask Before You Buy

There are several questions to ask when considering the possibility of having plantation shutters installed in your home.


Shutters are available in real wood, or synthetic materials. If you need to cover a larger window, wood can be the better choice, as it allows for fewer panels per window and a better outdoor view. Wood can also be painted in any color, as well as be more easily manufactured for windows with unique dimensions.

Synthetic shutters can be ideal for rooms where a lot of moisture can be produced, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Because they don’t react to high humidity by warping, synthetic shutters can withstand the test of time in these rooms.

When considering wood shutters, it’s important to ask about the type of wood used to make them. This is because different types of wood have different properties, in terms of durability and reaction to light and temperature.

Color, Fading, and Yellowing

The paint color you choose for your interior shutters will depend on the décor of the room in which your shutters will be installed. White remains a popular choice due to the fact that fading isn’t as visible as it might be with other colors. However, it’s important to remember that all materials will eventually fade—even synthetic.

As far as yellowing is concerned, this is often due to the quality of materials used to make the shutters. If the shutter material is of the right quality, your shutters are unlikely to yellow no matter of what material they are made.

Professional Installation

Regardless of the type of plantation shutter you choose, professional installation is recommended, especially if you have never installed shutters before. Shutters are very different from blinds, and, as such, need an expert to install.

Now that you know more about plantation shutters and their features and benefits, you can make an informed decision about whether they’re right for your home. To learn more about plantation shutters or to schedule a free consultation, contact Bay Home & Window at (925) 846-3400 today.

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